It Starts with People

Awareness training is an essential tool in the fight against hackers and other cyber criminals. Unfortunately, it is often under-appreciated and under-utilized in many organizations' overall cybersecurity strategy. 

We provide tailored security awareness solutions through learner content and simulated phishing. Reinforcement and ongoing security coaching is available via our website and soon from our mobile app. We don't simply provide annual training and monthly phish testing--we provide reinforcement throughout the year, based on the latest threat intelligence and current events. And, through our Continuous Drip Training™ we use about the same amount of user time on an annual basis.

We help make real results happen

Our managed services allow for rapid production deployment to get your user community cybersecurity aware and kept updated concerning the latest security concerns specific to your organization. Our experts monitor your organization's progress and offer guidance as you work towards your goals.

Risk Based Approach

We start with a cyber risk needs assessment to propose the right approach to awareness training for your organization.  

Tailored Training Available

Your organization is unique and should have a customized security awareness training program. One size fits all training doesn't work. We offer customized programs with online and in person training options.

Security Tip Reinforcement

We keep your user community up to date relative to current events and security threats via Continuous Drip Training™. One and done training doesn't cut it. Mobile app coming soon!

Continuous Drip Training™

The CISO Sidekick™ app will allow for training and knowledge reinforcement. Tailored training, on the go, from the convenience of a mobile device.

ETA: 2023 Q3 (September 1)
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Phish Trap™ Training

You could engage just any awareness training company and quickly start slinging canned phishing messages to your user community. A better method is to use our phishing service to create a risk-based approach tailored to your user community and organization. Your organization is unique and should have a customized phish testing program. Say No to canned phish testing! 

Phish testing provides measurable benefits to organizations


User awareness and education

Phish testing provides a valuable opportunity for organizations to educate and raise awareness among their employees about the dangers of phishing attacks and how to identify and avoid them.

Measured risk assessment

 Phish testing enables organizations to assess the susceptibility of their employees to phishing attacks and determine the level of risk they face.

Improved security posture

Enhance your virtual programs by allowing your learners to access high-quality live sessions through desktop and mobile.

Reinforcement of Security Policies

 Phish testing can help reinforce existing security policies and procedures, ensuring that employees are aware of and understand their role in protecting the organization.

Real-World Simulation

Phish testing simulates real-world phishing attacks, providing organizations with a more accurate assessment of their security posture than traditional vulnerability assessments. This enables them to better understand their actual security risk and make more informed security decisions.

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